Telegram via Jabber on Symbian Phones

Prerequisites:  You must have registered telegram account running on iPhone or Android. You will need to use it every time you add new contact because Jabber clients on Symbian are not integrated with Address Book.

Please note: only individual contacts supported, groups are not supported.


1.       Install Pidgin xmpp client on Windows PC.  We will use Service Discovery functionality of this client.
             If you do not have PC and only device you have is Symbian or S40 phone, you can use  Talkonaut, Bombus Mod, Bombus QD or Bombus with zlib.
             These  Jabber/XMPP clients have Service Discovery functionality too.

2.       Register xmpp account on .

3.       In this manual, account is

4.       Login with this account into Pidgin


5.       Go to Plugins and enable XMPP Service Discovery


6.       Go to Tools->XMPP Service Discovery->Service Discovery


7.       Enter XMPP Server (

8.       You will get list of services. Select and click “Register”


9.       You get registration screen


10.   Enter phone number of your Telegram account and press OK



11.   You get Registration Successful screen


12.   Press Authorize on Authorization request from


13.   Telegram is going to send authorization code to your main Android/iPhone device


14.   Enter code


15.   You are starting to get Authorization requests from all your Telegram contacts. Authorize all of them. If you do not get these requests, restart Pidgin.


16.   Add each one of your Telegram contacts to contact list



17.   At the end your list will be like this

Do not remove . You must have this contact in contact list!

At this point you can exit Pidgin. You will not need it anymore.


18.   On your Symbian phone, install Lightbulb or Mail.Ru Agent Jabber/XMPP clients. You may use other clients too but some of them may not support Telegram.

19.   Connect to internet

20.   Configure your jabber account ( on Lightbulb in this example)


21.   You will get authorization requests from all your Telegram contacts and
If you do not get these requests, restart your Symbian Jabber/XMPP client


22.   At the end your Jabber client will get all your Telegram contacts.
Do not remove . You must have this contact in contact list!


Telegram: @symnok
VK/VKontakte: @symnok