Contacts and Calendar Synchronization on Nokia and Lumia Phones

  1. Using Hotmail account

Works on Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile

- register Hotmail account or use existing one

- remove SIM card and restart the phone on offline mode

- turn on Wi-Fi

-add hotmail account into the phone (type: Exchange, login/user name:, domain:, server:, syncing parameters: email, calendar, contacts, whatever you need)

- Contacts, calendar, email, do list will be synced in a few minutes

- insert SIM card back into the phone and restart the phone


Works on almost all Nokia phones (Symbian, N9 MeeGo, WinPhone 7.x/8.x, Windows 10 Mobile, some S40).

Does not work on some S40
Not tested N900 Maemo

Calendar /to do list/notes not tested. It may require paid account

- register free account
- upload contacts into this account
- add this account into your Nokia phone, for example
- contactswill be synced in a few minutes

List of supported phones:


Symilar to Phonecopy, free syncing of calendar and to-do list and multiple account support

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